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Nicole Burke

Nicole Burke, 10 days ago

Dear Families of WUSD, This week our students and staff have been heavily impacted by COVID. Currently about 15% of our staff and about 20% of our students are out. After ...

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Amanda Maciel

Amanda Maciel, 5 months ago

Good Evening,
Willits High School will be having picture days next week on Wednesday, September 8th and Thursday, September 9th. Please check student and parent emails fo ...

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Jennifer Maples

Jennifer Maples, 5 months ago

In order to successfully increase funding to increase or improve educational opportunities for the students of Willits Unified it’s important to please complete the Educat ...

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Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 8 months ago

Prom 2021 ! Wonderful event! Thank you to the parents who made it happen and the perfect choice of a venue.

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