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BGMS Parent Student Handbook 2019-2020
Maria De Los Munguia
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Baechtel Grove Middle School

 Parent/Student Handbook 2019-2020

Home of the Cougars 

1150 Magnolia Street

Willits, CA 95490

(707) 459-2417



This Student Planner Belongs to:

Name: _______________________________________________

Grade: _____

Google Username: ______________  Password: _______________

SSID#: ______________________ 

AR Username:__________________  Password:_______________

iReady Math:___________________

First Bell Rings at 8:07

My Schedule


                                      Class                                    Teacher                           Book #           Room        

1st Hour






 2nd Hour





 3rd Hour





 4th Hour





 5th Hour





6th Hour





7th Hour





 Baechtel Grove Middle School- Mission Statement

 This We Believe

In a middle school environment that addresses and supports the specific needs of young adolescents and assists their transition through middle school into high school and beyond.

  • Children of all races, ability, and income levels can achieve growth and success while attending BGMS in an atmosphere of tolerance.
  • In a team-based, student-centered, challenging, using integrated curriculum, and authentic learning experiences that encourage creative and critical thinkers.
  • In a clearly defined code-of-conduct, discipline plan and set of expectations that encourage student reflection and self-adjustment that leads to successful student behaviours.
  • Each student has the responsibility to actively participate in his/her education, including learning the habits that lead to success.
  • In a strong exploratory/enrichment program that provides students with hands-on, performance, or interest based classes.
  • Students and staff have a right to a clean, healthy, safe, and nurturing environment with the same high level of respect encouraging lifelong learners.
  • Faculty knows and teaches to the Common Core State Standards, implementing academic strategies driven by research, best practice, assessment, and professional intuition.
  • In a cooperative support system which includes and benefits parents, students, teachers, staff, administration, and our community in the success of students’ achievement. Students and staff strive to use the most advanced and appropriate technology in lessons, both for and with students.


Closed Campus

      Baechtel Grove Middle School is a closed campus which means, once you have arrived at school, you must remain on campus until school is out.  Students who walk home leave 5 minutes after dismissal to begin their walk home, and may return after 6:00 P.M.  If you ride a bus, you wait for the bus at Kids Club.  Once you leave campus, returning to ride the bus is no longer an option.

     You must remain at school until the end of the school day unless you have a note from your parent stating the reason and the time of the dismissal to the office.  You should meet your parents in the office to check out of school.  If you leave campus without permission or signing out, you choose to earn an unexcused absence (cut). 

     Student guests must make at least a week of prior arrangements with the administration. We welcome parent visitors, simply check in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass before entering a classroom or walking around campus.


      If you miss school, you miss out!  You are required by law to be in school each day. Students who miss school fall behind and become frustrated with classes.  Excessive absences may result in lower grades and a loss of privileges.  Students’ school attendance is directly related to school success. 

1)   Absences: Missing school is only considered Excused if the student is out for illness, a medical, dental, or counselling appointment, a death in the immediate family or a court appearance.  Absences for other reasons are considered Unexcused the district does not receive funding for your education for which they have already invested.

2)  Truancy: Cutting class or school is viewed very seriously, and you will be referred for disciplinary action which will result in after school detention. 

3) Absences and Late Arrivals:  When students arrive late and/or return from an absence they must have a note from their parent/ guardian or the guardian can call the office and tell us.  The note, or call, should include the student’s name, the date(s) of the absence(s), the date the note was written, the reason the student missed or was late, and the parent/guardian’s signature. If a student arrives after the bell at the start of the day, he/she must obtain a re-admit slip.

4) Extended Absences:  A parent should request Modified Independent Study from the office, two weeks in advance, when their child will be absent from school for more than five days.  Office personnel will refer them to the MIS teacher.  Teachers will give the student their assignments.  To gain full attendance credit, Parents are to see that all the assigned work is completed and returned to school on the day the student returns.

5)  Leaving School before Dismissal:  If a student must leave before school is dismissed, for an appointment, follow this procedure; arrive at school with enough time to have them called out of class, sign them out in the office before leaving school and sign them in upon their return.  Education Code requires a student can only be released to adults listed on the student’s emergency listing.

6)  Student Resource Officer:  Willits Unified School District has contracted with     Willits Police Department to have an officer assigned to our district.  Some of the duties of the assignment include but are not limited to:  assisting in home visits for students who are chronically absent, (Chronically absent means students have missed 9 or more days of school.)


1) Emergency Card:  Each student must have emergency information in our database. At the beginning of the school year every parent will be given the information to access the Aeries Parent Portal on line.  They will use this to update the information in our data base.  As soon as that is done, parents will be able to access student classes, assignments, discipline, attendance, and grades.

2) Medication:  For a student to take medication at school, a parent must bring it to the office with doctor’s instructions using a WUSD form. It will be administered by a Health Assistant.  By Law, the school is not allowed to provide medications, or treatments, of any kind.

3) Physical Education Excuses:  Students with an extended excuse from P.E. for a medical reason from a doctor stating the reason and the length of time they cannot participate, should provide a copy to the office and one to the PE teachers. A doctor’s release may be needed for a student to again participate in P.E. after an extended period of injury.


1)  Buses:   District provided transportation is a privilege, not a right.  It is important that students who ride the bus conduct themselves in an orderly manner at the bus stop and on the bus, this will ensure a safe and pleasant ride for all students.

2) Walking Students:  Students who walk to school are welcomed to arrive any time after 7:30 a.m. when our yard assistant arrives on campus, and to leave within 5 minutes after school.  Using appropriate sidewalks and crosswalks will ensure a safe arrival to school every day.

3) Bicycles, Skateboards, and Scooters

    Bike racks are provided for students who ride their bikes to school as the place to lock and secure them.  Students must store skateboards and scooters in the office.  California law requires all minors to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, scooters and skateboards.     


     The Baechtel Grove Library is staffed with a librarian every day of the week. Students can check out books before school, during lunch, and after school.  Students will be allowed to borrow two books, for two weeks and renew these on a weekly basis.  Students and parents take financial responsibility for borrowed books. All fines must be paid by the end of the school year.

 Food Service

     Breakfast or brunch, and lunch are available FREE to all students.  If students want both breakfast AND brunch, then they will have to pay for one of them.

 Use of Office Telephone/Cell Phones

     When you are feeling sick bring a phone pass from your teacher to the office to see the Health Assistant, who will call parent. Cell phones should be off and out of sight anytime they are carried on campus, except when given specific permission by the classroom teacher (not a substitute) to use the phone with a curricular purpose.  You may use your cell phones after school only.  If a staff member sees an infraction with the use of a cell phone, they will ask for the phone and turn it in to the office where a parent can sign to pick up the phone at any time.  Video-taping of any event on campus without the Principal’s permission is a breach of confidentiality, and strictly prohibited.

 Emergency Situations

1)  Fire Drills: When the fire alarm sounds, students are to proceed directly to the area designated for their current classroom. If they are not in a classroom, they should always go to their first period class.  After reaching that area, students are to form lines for roll call, remain quiet and listen for further direction.  

2) Earthquake Procedure: In the event of an earthquake, students are to drop under the cover of classroom furniture and remain there until given further instructions by their teacher.  Upon leaving the classroom, students meet in the area directed by the teacher.

Care of School Property

     Students and their parents take on the financial responsibility to keep all school property in good condition.  If there is damage they take on the responsibility for repair or replacement, as it is stated in CA Education Code.


BGMS Dress Code

     Students should take care that clothing is neat, clean, and appropriate for school attendance and activities.  Students with inappropriate clothing will be given the opportunity to change or call home for new clothing.  On the third offense they may be referred for disciplinary action. The dress code includes but is not limited to:

1)  Shirts, hats, buttons, pins or other clothing with pictures of crude, vulgar, obscene, sexually suggestive, drugs, marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, or their industries are prohibited.

2) Shirts or tops that reveal a person’s bare midriff may not be worn at school.  Tops must have 1/2” straps. The length of all bottom ware must reach fingertips.  Holes in pants must also be below the fingertips.

3) Shoes must be worn at all times. Bring appropriate shoes for PE.     

4) Hats, hoods, and non-prescription sunglasses may not be worn in school buildings (library, classrooms, cafeteria, gym, office).

5) Outer-ware must cover all under garments at all times. 

6) Pajama pants and slippers are not allowed at school.

 Gang Related Apparel and Markings

     In addition to appropriate clothing identified in the WUSD Board Policy 5132, the following specific items have been identified as “gang related clothing, accessories, and body markings” and thus unsafe or disruptive to the school’s learning environment and therefore not allowed while at school or during school sponsored activities (field trips, etc.)

1) Red, blue, or any gang related colored bandannas and bandanna belts

2) Red or blue colored braided belts

3) Clothing, hats, belt buckles, jewellery, body markings, or preparation of clothing that exhibit any of the following: “N”, “S”, “13”, “14”, “XIII”, “XIV”, “X3”, “X4”, “Sureno”, or any variation, “Norteno” or any variation, three digit area code numerals (most commonly “707”, “415”, “510”) Swastikas or any Nazi symbols and variation of those symbols, “SS” and related lightning bolts, “420”, “88”, “KKK” or any symbol related to the Ku Klux Klan., or any symbol related to an organized hate group.                                    

4) Athletic wear with “N”, “S”, “13”, “14” or “88” (excluding local youth team jerseys)

5) As stated in the WUSD Board Policy 5132, “Gang Related Apparel” shall be defined as any apparel that reasonably could be determined to threaten the health and safety of the school environment if it is worn or displayed on a campus (Education Code 35294.1).”


*As WUSD Board Policy 5132 notes, gang related symbols are constantly changing. As prescribed in the policy, the above list shall be reviewed and revised at least once each semester by the school administration

Things Not to Bring on Campus


Things TO Bring on Campus

  • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or pretend products
  • Knives, guns, weapons, or pretend weapons, matches, lighters, caps, poppers, firecrackers, fireworks, or other explosive items
  • Roller shoes 
  • Laser pointers
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Energy drinks, sodas, coffee, or any drinks with caffeine
  • Squirt guns or water balloons, or paint balls
  • Aerosol spray cans, including hair spray, deodorant, or paint
  •  Breakable containers, i.e. glass bottles or jars.
  •  Animals
  • Pencils
  • Hand sharpener
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pens
  • Spiral Notebook (about 4)
  • Binder with paper and subject dividers
  • A reading book
  • A backpack
  • A positive attitude


  A student may be suspended according to Ed. Code 48900.0-7 from 1 to 5 days for serious or multiple offenses. Students may not attend school or school activities during their suspension time.


1) Parent Portal:

The parent portal through Aeries is available for parents to view their student’s information, including grades, assignments, attendance, demographic information, and discipline.  These are instructions for registering for an AERIES Parent Portal account:

  • The link is - and can also be accessed on our website:
  • Click on Create New Account option
  • You (the parent) will need an email account
  • Verification will then be emailed to the address provided. 
  • You may need to look in Spam to find it.
  • Once email is opened, you will be prompted to click on another link.
  • That link will take you into the Parent Portal.
  • You will be asked to plug in a Permanent ID, a phone number, and a verification code which can all be obtained from the BGMS office.

2) Report Cards: Report cards are mailed home at the end of each trimester. It is suggested that parents create the parent portal accounts to follow their student’s work. 

3)  Grade Marks:  A (90-100%), B (80-89%), C (70-79%), D (60-69%), F (59% and below)

Behavior Expectations


Students Will...

Staff Will...

One Mic

-Actively listen to all speakers

-Use S.L.A.N.T.

-Remain seated

-Actively listen to all speakers

-Use and post S.L.A.N.T.

Entering the Classroom

-Line up at the door quietly

-Greet the teacher at the door

-Be on time and prepared

-Walk in quietly

-Immediately begin the Warm-Up

-Greet students at the door.

-Close the door when the class begins

-Have the Warm-Up ready

-Take attendance in the first 10 minutes


-Respect our school, staff, and peers by speaking and acting kindly

-Abide by the school dress code, including hats and hoods off inside

-Keep Chromebooks in the same condition they were received

-Respect our school, staff, and peers by speaking and acting kindly

-Not accept Inappropriate language

Exiting the Classroom

-Make sure your area is clean

-Remain seated and quiet until teacher dismissal

-Wait until all areas are cleaned

-Wait until all students are seated and quiet, before dismissing students

Academic Expectations


Students Will…

Staff Will...


-Immediately begin Warm-Up upon entering

-Prepare a daily Warm-Up

Objectives and Essential Question

-Engaged with a daily objective and essential question

-Post and discuss a daily objective and essential question

Be Prepared

-Fill out the planner on Monday

-Arrive to class with all necessary materials, including:

  • Interactive Notebook
  • Charged Chromebook
  • Binder
  • Pencil
  • Planner
  • AR Book
  • Homework

-Have a weekly agenda on the board

-Provide students time to fill in the planner on Monday

-Have a Warm-Up ready upon on student arrival


-Access Chromebooks, cellphones, and headphones only with staff permission (guest teachers not included)

-Use technology at school only for school-related use

-Maintain a fully charged Chromebook at the beginning of each day

-Warn students confiscate technology that is misused

-Have an alternative paper assignment prepared

-No technology will be used with guest teachers

Late Work

-Turn in work on time

-Turn in late work within the three-week grading cycle

-Receive partial credit for all late work

-Accept no late work past the three-week grading cycle, and not accepted after the test it is associated with has been given

Athletic Program

1)  Fall: Cross country running, and Volleyball

2)  Winter:  Basketball

3)  Early Spring: Wrestling

4)  Late Spring: Softball, Track and Soccer

5)  BGMS has an Athletic Code of Conduct located in The Athletic Clearance Packet that every student-athlete and their parent must complete and return one time per school year.

 Eligibility for Student Activities

Sports Activities

     Initial eligibility will be determined at the grading period prior to the start of the season. Students must not have any failing grades (F’s) in any of their four core classes including PE in order to be eligible. All students are eligible for probation if they are failing only ONE core class.  Students on academic probation cannot play in the games until the grade is a D or better. They must still continue to practice and travel with the team.    During the season a student must not have any failing grades in ANY of the four core classes including PE (grade checks are done every other Friday).  If students have any F’s then they are eligible to practice and travel with the team but NOT play until the grade is improved. Students have two weeks to bring the grade to a D or better. If a student has TWO or more core classes that are F’s and are unable to improve the grade within two weeks then they are ineligible for the remainder of the season.

*This is part of a larger Middle School Athletics Policy that can be found in The Athletic Clearance Packet.


     Dances are for BGMS students only.  Parents are welcome to help chaperone. To be eligible, you must:

1) Attend school on the day of a dance.

2) All school rules and dress code apply.

3) Students may not attend the dance if they are suspended.

4) Students may leave the dance early ONLY if picked up by a parent.

5)  After dances that take place after school, students may not walk home, an adult must pick up every student.

Academic Field Trips

1)  All students are expected to attend these outings.

2) If a student has a history of misbehavior problems a parent may be asked to attend.

 End of the Year Field Trip Eligibility

All the end of the year field trips have an eligibility requirement for behavior.  We expect our students to be good representatives of BGMS and to be as safe as possible.

All students are eligible at the start of the third trimester.  A student becomes ineligible, or cannot attend the field trip when:

  • They commit an offense that requires an out-of-school suspension or in school suspension
  • They are written up by a teacher in their discipline from the same class, by the same teacher three times or more
  • They are assigned lunch detention (or trash pick-up) five times for any variety of misbehavior

Most offenses are for defiance of a directive given by an adult, or a rule.  We must be assured that students will listen to the adults on a field trip, and respect the rules and regulations of the place being visited.

  • Students will be asked to return a permission slip signed by parent. The return of the slip must meet the deadline date, or the student becomes ineligible. 
  • A positive call home from a teacher.
  • A positive office referral
  • The first intervention is from the teacher of the classroom.
  • Other types of interventions are: a parent and teacher, or parent and administrator conference (in person or over the phone), a visit to the counselor, a mediation session with Peer Mediators, or a restorative conference.
  • When students are referred to the office for discipline, a staff member, or the student, will call parents/guardians explaining the infraction, and the consequences, for minor infractions.
  • Confiscation of a distracting object (such as a cell phone) until the parent picks it up
  • Detention will take place each day after school, and must be served within a week.  If the student does not attend, a Saturday School will be assigned.  If there is a no show to Saturday School, an In-School-Suspension will be assigned for that Monday, plus the student still has to serve their Saturday School the next weekend.
  • Community service during lunch or after school
  • Saturday School is from 8:00 am to 11:30 am.
  • In-School-Suspension (ISS) is served in the ISS room at school.
  • Out of School Suspension
  • A recommendation for expulsion to the Board of Education
  • Law Enforcement must be notified in certain violations.  Parents will be notified immediately.
  • Discipline is provided on a continuum as much as possible throughout the entire year. 

Bullying and Harassment

     The Willits Unified School District is committed to providing a safe and civil learning and working environment. The District takes a strong position against bullying, hazing, or any behavior that infringes on the safety and well-being of students and employees, or interferes with learning or teaching. The District prohibits retaliatory behavior against anyone who files a complaint or who participates in the complaint investigation process. The policy applies to all persons within the District‘s jurisdiction. All students and staff of public primary, elementary, middle, and senior high schools have the inalienable right to attend campuses which are safe, secure and peaceful [Article 1, Section 28(c) of the California State Constitution].

     The bullying and hazing policy, written in accordance with Federal guidelines and California Education code, requires that all schools and all personnel promote respect and acceptance. This policy shall encompass behaviors and actions that occur among students, District employees, and associated adults. The policy is applicable in schools, at school and District-related programs, activities and events, traveling to and from school, and all other areas of the District‘s jurisdiction [Education Code Section 48900(s)].

     Bullying is a deliberate and unwanted severe or pervasive physical, verbal, social, or electronic act that has the intention of, or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of, one or more of the following:

• Reasonable fear of harm to person or property

• Substantially detrimental effect on physical or mental health

• Substantial interference with academic performance

• Substantial interference with the ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privileges

     Cyberbullying is an act of bullying conducted via electronic communication technology (e.g., texts, e-mails, blogs, postings) and meets the impact of bullying. A person who engages in cyberbullying at school or school-related activities and events may be subject to disciplinary action. Cyberbullying that occurs off-campus but substantially disrupts the instructional environment of the school may fall under District jurisdiction.

     Hazing is any humiliating or potentially harmful initiation, pre-initiation, or rite of passage associated with membership in a student organization whether or not it is officially recognized by the educational institution.

     Sexting or Cybersexual bullying is electronic communications of an inappropriate sexual nature. Once posted, a student has no control over the use of their image. The posting and sharing of sexual images of minors could be considered child pornography or child abuse. Participants could be subject to disciplinary or criminal action. Students should consider the potential lifelong consequences of sexting.    

     Sexual harassment is defined by California Education Code Section 212.5 as any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the work or educational setting, under any of the following conditions:

• Submission to the conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term or a condition of an individual‘s employment, academic status, or progress.

• Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as the basis of employment or academic decisions affecting the individual.

• The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact upon the individual‘s work or academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or educational environment.

• Submission to, or rejection of, the conduct by the individual is used as the basis for any decision affecting the individual regarding benefits and services, honors, programs, or activities available at or through the educational institution.

 Title IX Regulations

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”) is a federal law

that prohibits sex-based discrimination in all educational programs and

activities, including athletic programs.  No person shall, on the basis of sex,

including on the basis of gender identity, non-conformity, or expression based

on sex-stereotyping, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits

of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity

operated by the District.  Title IX protects all participants in the District’s

educational programs and activities, including students, parents, employees,

and job applicants. The District does not discriminate on the basis of sex,

including on the basis of gender identity, non-conformity, or expression based

on sex-stereotyping.  Discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual

harassment and sexual violence.

Willits Unified School District has a Title IX Coordinator who oversees the District’s compliance with Title IX requirements and promotes sex equity in the District’s


 Contact the District’s Title IX Coordinator:

Mark Westerburg, Title IX Coordinator/Superintendent

Willits Unified School District

1277 Blosser Lane

Willits, California 95490

Telephone: (707) 459-5314


 If you have a report or complaint of discrimination, including harassment, on

the basis of sex, including on the basis of gender identity, non-conformity, or

expression based on sex-stereotyping, please contact the Title IX

Coordinator.  The Title IX Coordinator will investigate the report or complaint

under the District’s Uniform Complaint Procedure, BP and AR 1312.3. You may

access this policy and regulation at


     Students are encouraged, but not required, to ask the person doing the harassing to stop.  If the harassing does not stop:

  • The student should file a complaint (in writing) with an administrator. The confidential complaint should include a description of the harassment and names of those doing the harassing and any witnesses.
  • Any complaint received will be investigated.  As soon as possible, the administrator in charge will inform the person accused of harassment what the complaint is and let him/her see a copy of the complaint.  The complaint will be kept confidential.
  • The administrator in charge will investigate the complaint thoroughly, promptly and confidentially.  Only those people who have relevant information will be involved in the investigation.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, the administrator will determine whether the harassment has occurred and whether any corrective action will be taken.
  • The results of the investigation will be reported both to the person filing the complaint and to the accused.  If corrective action is necessary to end the harassment, it will be done promptly and may include counselling, warning or more severe disciplinary action. 

Lost and Found

Items of clothing are kept on the stage in the cafeteria.  Small personal items are kept in the office.  Students are urged to check for lost items immediately.  Unclaimed clothing is donated to charity in December and June.

 Student Rewards and Discipline

     Student Rewards

    These are some of the rewards that students at BGMS have an opportunity to earn:

  • Students are given merit tickets and they put their name on them and turn them in for weekly drawings for prizes.
  • Each trimester there will be an activity such as; a rally, a dance, water play, popcorn and movies, Pi Day activities,
  • AR Millionaires and those reaching 80% of their AR Reading goals may go the the Noyo Theater to see a movie or be rewarded with other treats.
  • End of the year field trips to places such as; San Francisco Academy of Sciences, Rebounderz, Fort Bragg, the Ropes Course, and similar places.
  • Honor Assemblies where students are recognized for being on Principal’s List, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and other student leadership roles.
  • There are also monthly Attendance rewards for students.

Student Discipline

     At Baechtel Grove Middle School, students are Respectful, Responsible and Safe at all times by following the procedures stated in this handbook, and the expectations that are common to all classrooms:

  • Be on time and ready to work with all materials
  • Use of cell phone only when, and how, the teacher of the class gives permission that day.
  • Keep all parts of your body to yourself, messing around does not create a good learning environment.
  • Respect your school community:
    • Remove hats and hoods indoors
    • Respect everyone’s right to learn, including your own
    • Be kind to others
  • Parent notification when a consequence is given will take three forms: a phone call from the student or the adult, a written account in the Parent Portal, and/or a letter sent home by U.S. Mail

When these are not followed there are several types of interventions or consequences that the student may experience:

Possible Consequences

  • Confiscation of a distracting object (such as a cell phone) until the parent picks it up
  • Detention will take place each day after school, and must be served within a week.  If the student does not attend, a Saturday School will be assigned.  If there is a no show to Saturday School, an In-School-Suspension will be assigned for that Monday, plus the student still has to serve their Saturday School the next weekend.
  • Community service during lunch or after school
  • Saturday School is from 8:00 am to 11:30 am.
  • In-School-Suspension (ISS) is served in the ISS room at school.
  • Out of School Suspension
  • A recommendation for expulsion to the Board of Education

A few other points to keep in mind about Ed-code violations:

  • Law Enforcement must be notified in certain violations.  Parents will be notified immediately.
  • Discipline is provided on a continuum as much as possible throughout the entire year. 
  • Parent notification when a consequence is given will take three forms: a phone call from the student or the adult, a written account in the Parent Portal, and/or a letter sent home by U.S. Mail

 Local Contacts for Mendocino County

 Adolescent Treatment Programs: 707-472-2637

Adult Recovery Services:

Ukiah                                                  Fort Bragg

1120 South Dora Street                         790 S. Franklin Street

Ukiah, CA 95482                                  Fort Bragg, CA 95437

707-472-2637                                     707-961-2665


Mendocino County Youth Project:


776 South State St., Suite 107

Ukiah, CA 95482


24 Hour Crisis Line: 707-463-HELP (4357) or 1-800-575-HELP (4357)

Redwood Quality Management:

Ukiah                                                  Fort Bragg

376 East Gobbi Street, Suite B              32670 Hwy 20, Unit 6

Ukiah, CA 95482                                  Fort Bragg, CA 95437

855-838-0404 or 707-472-0350            855-838-0404

 Speciality Mental Health Services:

24/7 Toll Free Crisis Line (a danger to oneself or others): 1-855-838-0404

Access Line: 1-800-555-5906

Administration: 1-707-472-2300

Medication Services:  1-707-467-9065

Compliance Hotline: 1-866-791-9337

Presumptive Transfer: 1-707-472-0350

Substance Use Disorder Treatment: 707-472-2637

Tapestry Family Services: 707-463-3300  email: