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  • Title IX
    For information on Title IX, please copy and paste the following address in your search address box at the top of the page.

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  • Ms. Munguia welcomes you to the 2017-2018 school year

    Baechtel Grove Middle School

    Back to School Article 2017-2018 

     Welcome to our new families, welcome back to our returning families, and prepare to experience the new transformation at Baechtel Grove Middle School! This year we are moving to a true middle school bell schedule. This new schedule will allow teachers more time to provide the best instruction, better support our students and communicate with parents.

    We are working hard to create a welcoming and supportive environment for our sixth graders where they can quickly acclimate to the middle school goal of eventual high school readiness. Our focus this year is assuring that every student achieves a state of high school readiness through continual monitoring of their individual progress. We welcome Ms. Toni Bravo as our new academic counselor to help accomplish this goal.

    Teachers will now have only one grade level that they teach. They will collaborate daily with fellow staff members to address student learning styles and focus on curriculum. The master schedule also makes it possible for teachers to meet with parents every day, if necessary. Please join me and welcome our new teachers. 7th Grade: Ms. Nielson- Math and Science and Mr. Candelaria- Language Arts and Social Studies. 8th Grade: Mr. Goldkind- Language Arts, Ms. Ludwig- Math, and Mr. Ludwig-Social Studies.  We welcome back Ms. Haggett- 8th grade Science, and taking the lead in our Science program school wide this year.

    Our core classes will now be 60 minutes, providing time for skill building and extension activities. There are also elective courses in Art, Music, Computers, and Athletics.  We are keeping all the great events that students have enjoyed in the past, such as our Spirit Days, rallies, dances, sports, College and Careers Week, WEB, and many more.

    We have a new Dean of Students, former teacher, Ms. Erickson. She brings with her the ability to make deep connections with our students which will enhance our school climate. Ms. Erickson will also be coaching our new teachers, helping them to build a strong learning environment. With an active involvement in our Willits community and Baechtel Grove Middle School we welcome Ms. Erickson to our administrative team.

    Our staff is excited for all our new changes and we look forward to seeing our students on the first day of school.



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     CAASPP has a newly revised Parent Notification template that is now posted on their site.  
    ​There are also some great resources for parents on the 2015-16 CAASPP test.
    Posted Mar 7, 2016, 3:40 PM by Jenni Wyatt
  • Baechtel Grove Middle School Eligibility for Student Activities Sports Activities (as determined by the WUSD Board and the Superintendent)

    Middle School Athletics

    (as determined by the WUSD Board and the Superintendent)


    1.      Encourage as many students as possible to participate. 

    2.      Provide a learning atmosphere that encourages teamwork, cooperation and learning basic skills of the sport.

    3.      Provide as many teams as necessary, keeping in mind the amount of facility use available and ability to find qualified adults to coach.


    Currently the following coaching positions are approved: Volleyball (2), Basketball (4), Soccer (2), Wrestling (2), Track (1), Softball (1), and Cross Country (1)

    The contract allows up to 15 coaching positions at BGMS. The additional coaching positions should be used when the sport numbers require a second team. These positions are not for assistant coaches. If the number of coaches needed exceeds 15, permission is required by the Superintendent.


    Initial eligibility will be determined at the grading period prior to the start of the season.  Students must have a 70% minimum grade in all four of their core classes and PE for eligibility.  Everyone is eligible for probation if one core class or PE (only one) are below a 70%.  Students on probation cannot play in the games until the grade is above a 70%.  They must practice and travel with the team.

    During the season a student must maintain their grades with a 70% minimum average in all four of their core classes and PE to be eligible to play. If a student has less than 70% in one core class or PE, they are eligible to practice but not play until the grade is 70% or higher. If a student has two or more core classes that fall below 70% they are ineligible, for the remainder of the season.

    Playing Time:

    Each athlete is expected to show up every day for practice with the proper attire and a good attitude.  If they do so, they will receive playing time in the game.  The coaching staff understands that playing each athlete and creating a positive experience for our students is more important than winning the game. Students effort and attitude will be evaluated at practices to determine playing status.


    All teams including students and coaches will be taken to athletic events in district provided transportation. A student athlete may ride home with their parent/guardian only after signing out with the coach.


    There will be no admission fees charged at any home events.  Officials, equipment, and bus transportation will be paid by district funds.

    Pay to Play:

    Athletes will not be asked to donate $20 per sport.

    Fund Raising

    Teams will only fund raise to provide things that are for the student athlete, not the program. For example: warm-ups with their name on it or a trip to an event like a college game.


    Athletic Director Role:

    1.      The AD will be part of the hiring process for all coaches.

    2.      It is the responsibility of the AD to make sure that facilities are setup and taken down after contests. Coaches are expected to help in this process with their athletes. The setup includes scorekeeper and other necessary game personnel.

    3.      The AD will set the schedule of contests for each sport and team.

    4.      The AD will be responsible for contacting and contracting of officials for all home contests.

    5.      The AD will be the first contact for any athlete, parent or coaching issues.

    6.      The AD will work with the coach to make sure that all teams have the necessary equipment. Coaches must have a budget for each sport and all purchases are required to have an approved purchase order signed off by the AD prior to any purchases.

    7.      The AD will set the schedule for the use of the athletic facilities for practices and contests.

    8.      The AD will be under the supervision of the site principal.

    9.      The Middle School AD will work in conjunction with the High School AD to provide uniforms for the teams. Both the MS and HS Athletic Director will be the contact for the district with the Athletic Boosters in regards to athletic needs.

    10.   The AD will report to the superintendent at the end of each school year the number of teams, athletes, coaches, and significant volunteers involved in the program.


    Posted Jun 14, 2017, 12:41 PM by Jenni Wyatt
  • BGMS is a Gold Ribbon School!
    The California Gold Ribbon Schools Award was created to have a program focused on honoring schools while the California Distinguished Schools Program is on hiatus during the period of time required for California to transition to new assessment and accountability systems. The new award will recognize middle and high schools in 2015 and elementary schools in 2016.

    The focus of the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award will be to recognize California schools that have made tremendous gains in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education for all students, including English learners. These include, but are not limited to, the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, California English Language Development Standards, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

    Congratulations to Baechtel Grove Middle School for earning such a prestigious honor!
    Posted Aug 16, 2015, 3:46 PM by Jenni Wyatt
  • CPM Parent Tip

    Week 31

    In Week 24, we listed the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices. Look for and make use of structure is the seventh standard. Mathematically proficient students look closely to discern a pattern or structure. They can step back to see an overview and shift perspective. These students see complicated things as single objects or as being composed of several objects. Ask your student to share a pattern that was recently investigated in class and describe its structure.

      This site is sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. We would like to assist the growth mindset process we're focused on at BGMS with an emphasis on the math mindset of our students.   https://www.amazon.com/gp/withmathican

    Posted Apr 16, 2016, 10:21 PM by MariaDeLos Munguia
  • Exciting new way to add money to your child's lunch account.


    New Online Meal Payment System Available


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    Great news! We are offering an exciting new option to help make your life easier.  mySchoolBucks.com® is an on-line system that will allow you to make deposits into your student’s school meal accounts.


    mySchoolBucks offers…

    •  Safety.  Virtually eliminates worries about your child carrying money to school.

    •  Convenience.  Make payments when it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    •  Control.

    -     Receive low balance email reminders (set your own limits!)

    -     Monitor your student’s account balances online.

    -    View your student’s cafeteria purchases.

    •  Efficiency.  Make your payments for all your children in one easy step, even if they attend different schools in the district.

    •  Flexibility

    -  Make payments using your VISA, Master Card, Discover credit/debit cards or electronic check.

    -   Option to have payments made automatically each month.

    -   Deposit confirmations sent directly to your email account.


    Money deposited into mySchoolBucks.com will usually arrive at the school by the next morning.  You can set your low balance settings to remind you when it’s time to add more money, or set up recurring payments so the system will automatically add money to the account when your balance reaches the threshold you set.


    Getting started is easy!  Visit www.mySchoolBucks.com and click the “REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT” button to create an account.  A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide.  Simply follow the link included in that email and your registration will be complete.  Once you log in, you can add all your students by entering each student’s school, their name and student ID number.


    mySchoolBucks.com allows you to check balances, review transaction history, and receive low balance alerts from the comfort of your home for no charge.  A convenience fee may apply for payments to your student account(s).  You will have the opportunity to review any fees (and cancel, if you choose) before you are charged.


    If you have any questions, you can email support@myschoolbucks.com  or call 1-855-832-5226


    Thank you,

    The mySchoolBucks® Team

    Posted Apr 2, 2014, 11:45 AM by Jenni Wyatt
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