All teachers may be reached via email with the following address: firstnamelastname@willitsunified.com. 

Burghardt, Laurie Art

Candelaria, Jared 7th Lang/SS

Ford, Tessa         6th Math/Science

Goldkind, George 8th Language Arts

Haggett, Vanessa 8th Science

Hart, Kristian 7th Lang/SS

Hendrix, Liesl 7th Math/Science 

Larson, Andrea 6th Lang/SS

Ludwig, Brandon 8th Social Studies

Ludwig, Kameron 8th Math

Materne, Lisa Resource

McClelland, Dawn  6th Math/Science

Moratti, Matt P.E.

Nielsen, Suzzi 7th Math/Science

Norbury, Brandon P.E.

Olds, Chris Music/Band

Pitre, Wulf SDC

Proctor, Michelle Resource

Zimmermaker, Roberta  6th Lang/SS